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Welcome to Styx Firewood

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Making a Good Fire

Fire starters are a good way to get your fire started along with your paper, dry kindling and pine cones.

It is really important to burn only well seasoned dry wood.

Always have a good fire base before adding the denser harder woods, they will produce more heat and last longer.

Recommended Way to Light your Fire – using the Upside Down Fire

We invite you to have a go at using this method. You will be amazed how easy fast and efficient it is.

Start/Stage 1 – position 2 logs in the base of your fire creating a V shape as shown – these should be your hardest wood, either blue gum or macro

Stage 2 – in the V shape position your crumbled up newspaper

Stage 3 – place your kindling and or pine cones on top of the paper

Stage 4 – Now light the paper and place larger pieces than the kindling on top as it starts to burn well

Stage 5 – Now your fire has taken off! Feed it more logs as it gets hotter.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5